Our custom made curtain prints

Measure your Window

Once you have chosen your fabric from our collection, simply provide your width and height
measurements and your curtains will be tailored to exactly fit your window.

Choose Your Lining

Choose from two types of lining - our 100% cotton standard lining or thermal blackout fabric. As well as blocking out light pollution, blackout curtains can also save money on your energy bills by keeping in heat and warmth.

Select your Header Style and Optional Tiebacks

Specify whether you would like your curtains to be fitted inside or outside the recess and where you would like the sidewinder to be positioned - we'll do the rest! Your finished and ready-to-hang Curtains will then be delivered directly to you.

Eyelet Rings

These beautiful silver chrome rings fit all standard curtain poles.

Eyelet ring hangings are popular curtain headers because they're so easy to install.

Pencil Pleat

This 3" header tape allows you to achieve the perfect ruched look.

If you need help hanging your pencil pleat curtains, read our guide here.

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