How to Install your McAlister Textiles Roman Blind


Carefully remove all packaging and do not open or close the blind until it is in position. Your blind is provided with the header bar and side winder attached ready to hang. 

Each blind is supplied with two sets of fixings - the round circular fixings are for inside the recess and the 2nd set is for fixing the blind outside of the window recess. Use the correct fixings for your window and ensure you use screws and wall plugs suitable for your wall type.

Fixings for inside the recess

Fitting inside the window recess

If fitting your blind inside the recess use a screw to attach your fixings to the underside of your window at either side, approximately 30cm from the edge, checking that the two fixings are in line with each other. Ensure that the fixings are attached in a position so the blind clears any handles. The white slider hooks should be facing towards you.
Fit the blind header bar onto the fixings, peel back the velcro attaching the blind to the header bar and push the sliding hook of the fixing into place to secure. Then simply reattach the blind to the velcro tape and your blind is ready to use.

Fixing outside the recess

For fixings outside the recess you should use the bracket fixings. Use a screw to attach these to the wall on either side of the window. Fit the header bar of the blind onto the fixings, peel back the top of the blind secured by the velcro tape and slide the hooks on the fixings back into place. Realign the top of the blind on the velcro strip before using the sidewinder.


Stand back and admire !

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