With a unique and pioneering business model, UK Curtains and Interiors is designed to deliver value directly to you - the customer.

How We Challenge the Status Quo

From the design and production of the fabric to the finished product, everything is undertaken in-house.

We only ever sell directly to the end-user; there's no intermediaries such as retailers or resellers which means that value is always passed down directly to the customer.

It all begins with our in-house designers who create the latest stylish trends. Every single one of our designs is unique and originated by us - you won't find them anywhere else! We then produce the fabric needed for these designs in our warehouse.

Bespoke Production

When you buy a product from us - a pair of curtains, cushion covers or even just a simple doorstop - we make it to order. This allows us to manufacture extremely high-quality home décor at a much lower price than the average seller and pass these savings on to you.
This means that we can offer bespoke sizes, products and made to measure window treatments for ready-made prices!

What We Offer

- Unique designs
- Expert customer service
- Bespoke product service
- Made to measure for ready-made prices

Price Promise

You won't find the same product cheaper anywhere else. If you do, we will always price-match, even after purchase.
If you're looking for a particular product which you cannot see on our website, please call our customer service line and we will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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