Your Essential Guide To Curtain Care

Made to measure curtains can be a very significant investment for your home, so it’s important that you know how best to take care of them, in order for them to truly stand the test of time and keep your living environments looking beautiful day in, day out.

The kind of care that’s required for your curtains will largely depend on the material they’re made from, so we’ve put together a helpful guide to ensure that your drapes continue looking good as new for as long as possible. If you need any further help or advice, of course, get in touch with the McAlister Textiles team today!

Cleaning your curtains

  • Always make sure that you check the washing instructions before you begin, so you know the requirements for the fabric you’re working with.  We always recommend dry cleaning lined curtains.
  • Make sure you remove hooks before you start to clean and get rid of any dust by giving the curtains a good shake or vacuum beforehand.
  • This is the perfect opportunity to give your valances a good clean, as well, since your curtains are no longer in place!
  • If you choose to machine wash, don’t forget that curtains will be a lot heavier wet than dry, so take care not to overload your washing machine.
  • How often you wash your curtains is up to you, but a deep clean twice a year or so is generally recommended, as this will help prevent dust and bad odours.

How to handwash

  • No matter the fabric you’re handwashing, use a mild detergent to avoid damaging the material and use cold water instead of hot. Also avoid the use of brushes, as this can damage the fabric further.
  • Soak the curtains in the detergent for a while and always make sure it’s dissolved thoroughly before you immerse the fabric. Never rub or wring the curtains, as you may damage them.
  • Iron your curtains while they’re still slightly damp and also hang them before they’re completely dry, so they then fall to the right length.

How to dry your curtains

  • Proper drying is essential so you can avoid mould and any nasty lingering odours. If it’s a sunny day, the best way to dry your curtains is to hang them on the line. Bear in mind, however, that direct sunlight may cause some colours to fade, so try to avoid this where possible.
  • If your curtains look a little wrinkled after being on the line, read the wash label and iron on the recommended setting.
  • Always factor in drying time when washing your curtains, as heavier fabrics will take longer to dry in which case a steam clean or a dry clean may be more appropriate than handwashing.

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