Wild Wonder - The Dulux Colour of the Year for 2023

Image from Dulux: www.dulux.co.uk

Wild Wonder - " a positive glowing tone inspired by the natural world"

For the past 20 years, the Dulux colour experts have been translating trending global insights into a Colour of the Year which reflects the mood of the moment. This year with the natural environment at the forefront, conversations by the team at Dulux discussed how nature can both support and inspire us, leading to the selection of Wild Wonder as the chosen shade for 2023. This glowing, green tinted neutral shade highlights the move away from greys to warmer tones which offer a connection with the natural world.
To accompany the colour of the year, Dulux have created a series of 4 colour palettes with Wild Wonder at the centre of each story, illustrating the different ways in which you can use the shade in your home. The designers at McAlister Textiles have interpreted these palettes in a series of moodboards to use as inspiration for introducing the Wild Wonder ethos when selecting soft furnishings for your home.

Bring in the richness of nature with the Dulux Raw Palette

The raw colour palette takes inspiration from the richness of natural raw materials incorporating shades reminiscent of dried flowers, dried grasses and harvested crops. The tones from the palette will add warmth without overpowering a scheme. Wild Wonder is accompanied by the evocative Dulux paint names of Woven Hemp, Warm Straw, Brave Ground (the 2022 colour of the year), Precious Peat, Tranquil Mist, Shifting Sands, Malted Caramel, Acorn Cap and Sweet Cinnamon
Featured Products: Rhumba Taupe Curtains, Wildflower Spice Cushion Cover and Bed sets, Eternity Green Cushion Cover, Highlands Forest Green Throws and Runners, Heritage Burnt Orange Cushion, Doorstop and Draught Excluders (colour palette by Dulux)

Create a harmonious joyful space with the Dulux Buzz Palette

The Buzz colour palette is described by Dulux as being "inspired by the natural buzz and biodiversity of meadows, prairies and wildflower fields which can bring a sense of joy and vitality to any room"
The colours from this palette, including the Dulux paint shades Mellow Mocha, Harvest Dusk and Smooth Maple, are perfect for adding personality to a space. Consider using colour blocking and geometric shapes for a playful feel.
Featured Products: Rhumba Curtains, Matt Velvet Yellow Ochre Button and decorative zip Cushions, Rhumba Blush Pink and Lilac Purple Cushion Covers, Blooma Purple, pink and ochre cushion covers and blinds, Eternity Taupe cushion cover, Herringbone Boutique Lilac Purple Draught Excluder (colour palette by Dulux)

Create a soothing space with the Lush Palette

With a focus on enhancing our sense of wellbeing, the Dulux Lush Palette incorporates colours inspired by woodland and forest floors enabling a connection with the natural world around us to create a soothing home environment. Dulux colour names from this palette include Hazy Morning, Fresh Foliage, Sea Holly, Cocoa Pod and Silver Lichen. As these names suggest, the colours from the Lush palette are perfect for creating a calming restorative space so ideal for bedrooms and areas for relaxation.
Featured products: Matt Velvet Moss Green Curtains, Matt Velvet Teal Cushion Cover, Palm Leaf Velvet Cushion Covers, Draught Excluders and Bed sets, Rhumba Lilac Purple Cushion Cover, Rhumba Taupe Throws and Runners, Hamleton Teal doorstop (colour palette by Dulux)

Create a feeling of continuity with the Flow Palette

Inspired by the ebbs and flows of the natural tidal rhythms, the flow palette focuses on a cooler palette incorporating costal blues such as Dulux Glacial flow Nordic Seas and Midwinter Tide. These cooler blues are teamed with Wild Wonder and colours inspired by natural stone and beach finds - Single Steps, Knotted Twine and Arctic Pebble - to create a scheme which can help to bring a sense of balance to our hectic lives.
Featured products: Matt Velvet Dove Grey Curtains and Doorstop, Little Leaf Wedgewood Blue Cushion Cover and Bes Sets, Hamleton Navy Cushion Cover, Textured Chenille Navy Cushion Cover, Matt Velvet Petrol Blue Bolster pillow, Matt Velvet Beige Mink Cube Seat Stool (colour palette by Dulux)


The Dulux Colour of the Year is always highly anticipated by Interior Designers and home enthusiasts and this year sees a continuation of the theme of looking to nature for inspiration. Which is your favourite Wild Wonder Palette ?

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