Interior Design Trends for 2022

As we venture into the new year, interior design experts are predicting the top trends set to dominate the upcoming months. As we often see, real-world landscapes and circumstances are set to have a defining influence; the need to distinguish working space from living space, alongside the increasing importance of sustainable options, will play an important part in the trends we can expect to see in 2022. Here, we’ll break down our best predictions for what you’ll see the most of in interior design this year

Colours And Patterns

colours & patterns

Set colours and shades can not only set a precedent for a year’s trends but can also define a generation; think the terracotta shades of the 1960s or millennial pink. 2022 is no different, and you can expect to see the repetition of a few key colours and patterns throughout the year.

When we try to predict a year’s prominent colours, it is always worth turning to Pantone. At the start of every year, they choose a colour that summarises the mood, experiences, and upcoming challenges of the year ahead.

This year, Pantone selected PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, a periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones. It is described as displaying ‘a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression.’ As such, you can expect to see periwinkle shades in rooms designed to foster creativity, such as kitchens, studios, and studies.


green and nature for interior design

Back To Nature

Reflective of how much time we’ve spent inside our homes in the last few years, the revival of green interiors shows no sign of slowing down as decorators attempt to reconnect with nature. Where previous years have seen a boost in lighter shades like sage and fern, 2022 will bring an influx of richer forest shades to tie inside spaces together with the outside world. You can expect to see rich green kitchens and living rooms as we attempt to realign ourselves with the serenity of nature in the spaces we spend the most time in.

arches and archways


This year, you can expect to see arches and archways featuring prominently in both decor and design, from arch-shaped murals and wall tiles to arched windows and doors. Harking back to the classic Roman design, the style is taking on an almost contemporary feel and is adaptable to whatever size project you’re undertaking, be it a painted wall mural or a brand new doorway.

curtains and blinds

Curtains And Blinds

Curtains and blinds will be taking somewhat of a backseat this year, as minimalism becomes the predominant trend. Bright whites and clean lines will keep rooms sunny and fresh, allowing maximum light to open up any smaller spaces. In terms of style, minimalist and Scandinavian influences should be clear in the curtains and blinds of the new year; a focus on fresh and bright windows will help open up the spaces of your home put emphasis on the decor.


Accessories And Furnishings

Accessories And Furnishings

As we become more climate-conscious, a big trend in 2022 interior design is likely to be sustainability, up-cycling, and DIY. Furnishings that have been revamped, use sustainable materials, or have come from eco-friendly companies will be all the rage, so get your DIY hat on and start crafting!

Lighting fixtures are also making a return as decor in their own right; lamps, ceiling lights, and spotlights will become more extravagant as they begin to serve as furnishing beyond their base function. Play around with textures, colours, and styles to add a unique touch to your space.


As we look to return to a greater sense of normality this year, the emphasis remains on keeping bedrooms a place of tranquillity and relaxation. Working from home has meant that many bedrooms have had to transform into office spaces, blurring the lines of work and play. 2022 is all about reestablishing this divide and creating a soothing space to decompress.

Calm neutrals and soft textures will be big this year, and any textures will serve to maximise comfort. Cotton, wool, and velvet will feature prominently to signify a space of luxury and relaxation, while creams and chocolate browns will soothe the mind away from stimulating primary colours.

There will also be a move towards simplifying the bedroom and returning it to its primary function of a place to rest. Be prepared to say goodbye to clutter and distractions in favour of a simplistic environment designed to foster peaceful sleep. The biggest bedroom investments this year are likely to be bedding, cushions, pillows, and mood lighting, to refine the ambience of your sleep sanctuary.

Which interior design trend will you bring into your home this year?



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