How to Style Your Cushions

The fabulous thing about cushions is the way they can lift your room and create an impact even when you're on a budget. They are the surest way to revamp your home in an instant.

We often get asked "how should you arrange cushions?" This is an incredibly broad question as it depends on what type of cushion you choose. The design, the shape, the texture and the colour all have to be considered in relation to where they are being used.

There are a few basic tips to help you get it right.

Your colour choice is key. Cushion patterns and styles don’t need to all be the same but you can use colour to make your group of cushions look cohesive.  Once you have your chosen colour palette, layer your cushion arrangement by mixing shapes, sizes, textures or design. 

Aztec Collection Cushions from left to right: Navajo - yellow and grey, Maya - Charcoal grey, Colorado - Grey, Arizona - Yellow, Navajo - Black & Grey.


Cushion Sizes and Styles

Cushions are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The most widely used is the standard 43x43cm cushion but be sure to experiment with larger sizes too. Mcalister Textiles offers cushions in three standard square sizes 43 x 43cm, 50 x 50cm and 60 x 60cm.

Our rectangular "Boudoir" cushions are available in 2 sizes 30cm x 50cm and 40cm x 60cm. These are great for layering in front or behind a cushion in a different shape or style

In addition to these standard cushions we also offer square box cushions in 2 sizes and bolster cushions. The cylindrical shaped bolsters are perfect for styling your bed and look especially luxurious in sumptuous velvet fabric.

Bed dressed with Matt Velvet Bolster cushions in Beige with Little Leaf square cushions in Wedgewood Blue


Symmetry and Balance

An unadorned sofa can be an exciting opportunity to get creative with your cushion styling - think of it like a blank canvas. 

Keeping your arrangement symmetrical creates a feeling of calm and makes the arrangement look neat and considered. Symmetry works well with all styles of cushions. Keep it balanced on either side of your sofa and experiment with using a feature cushion in the centre.

Symmetrical styling with Rhumba cushion covers in pink and lilac and Bloom floral feature cushion


Non symmetry can be fun and creates a very different feel. When arranging your cushions in this way, the same rules regarding colour apply. Select your colour palette and choose your cushions, mixing things up with different patterns, textures or sizes. Play around with the position of the cushions on your sofa until the arrangement looks visually balanced.

Cushions from left to right: Colorado - Black, Navajo Black & Grey, Matt Velvet - Black, Herringbone Twill - Black & White, Panama Patchwork - Black & White



Change your cushions with the seasons

Cushions are one of the least expensive items we use to furnish our interiors and updating with cushions is an easy and affordable way to add colour or design and keep up with the latest trends. 

As the seasons change so can your cushions. Introduce new designs to add cosiness in Autumn or to decorate your home for Easter or Christmas. Try adding quirky novelty designs and have fun with styling your cushions!

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