How To Make The Windows The Focal Point Of A Room

When it comes to successful interior design schemes, a key component of the overall aesthetic is your focal point and it’s important to decide what this is going to be at the planning stage, so you can really bring your rooms together beautifully.

Sometimes it’s quite clear what your focal point should be and if you have a stunning old fireplace in situ, for example, it makes sense to build your design schemes around this. But if there’s nothing that immediately jumps out at you, what about making sure that your windows are the focal point, really helping to bring the room to life.

The idea is to make design choices that really draw the eye to that part of the space and one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your windows pop is through your choice of curtain.

Think big, bold and bright, with lots of pattern, for example, and your focal point will be complete. Pare back the rest of your style decisions throughout the rest of the space and you’ll end up with a room you love to spend time in and one that really wows your guests.

You can also make your windows look bigger by employing a few little tricks of the trade, such as extending your curtain rods beyond the frame, which will make the windows look wider. Or alternatively, think about extending your curtains from the floor to the ceiling or from wall to wall, as this makes it harder to tell where the windows stop and the walls begin.

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