How To Be Eco-Friendly With Interior Design

The importance of being as green and eco-friendly as we possibly can across all aspects of our lives can no longer be denied, as the impact that human activity is having on the planet becomes an ever-present reality.

And this is as true for our interior design schemes as it is for everything else. But the good news where our home styling is concerned is that there’s a huge amount you can do to have a beautiful house that also does no harm to the world in which we live.

One top tip is to think minimalistically wherever possible and really consider the purchases you make. The key here is to reduce the amount of waste created and shop mindfully, putting together design schemes that really work and which you know you’ll love for years to come, so you won’t want to redecorate in a season or two.

Another way you can really bring your spaces to life without creating huge amounts of waste is to bring in lots of plants. Biophilia is a huge interiors trend right now and certainly won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so do some research into which plants you like and start introducing them slowly here and there.

You’ll soon find yourself surrounded by nature - and the added bonus is that they can help filter out harmful chemicals in the air, so your home will be healthier as a result.

And try doing some research into the brands you choose to shop with, as greenwashing is a big problem at the moment, with many companies saying they’re sustainable and eco-friendly, but which are actually doing very little to reduce their impact on the planet.

Here at McAlister Textiles, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the carbon emissions of our production line are low and we offer a Just In Time service, which means we only produce items when we receive orders, so every product is created bespoke for our valued customers.

Are you looking for made to measure curtains at the moment? Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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