Hot Trend: Cabinet Curtains

We’re all very used to seeing beautiful made to measure curtains hanging up in the windows and they really help to bring an interior design scheme to life.

Careful fabric and pattern choice can really help complete your rooms - and you notice very quickly indeed if your curtain choice isn’t quite right. They’re such a noticeable part of the room that it’s certainly wise to take the time to research materials, colours and design ideas before you spend any money.

But have you ever thought about putting curtains to excellent use in other parts of the house and in other interesting ways, as well as hanging them in the windows?

A fun new trend to have emerged in recent weeks is a return of the cabinet curtain! Of course, this isn’t exactly a new trend as such and some may consider it to be a rather old-fashioned look, but when done in the right way and with the right kind of fabric and pattern, there’s no reason why it can’t be a contemporary way to style your home.

Curtains for cabinets instead of doors are often seen in the kitchen by the sink area and you may well find that, not only is it a lovely way to create a rustic look and feel, but that it’s also a rather practical one, as well, since you just need to lift the material up or slide it across in order to see what you have under the sink.

And this idea could easily be translated for the sink in your bathroom, for example, with some beautiful thick linen or similar hung up in pleats to give the space a bit of added interest, making the room feel cosy and stylish all at the same time. Alternatively, what about making a bath cover panel and using fabric as part of the finished look?

Another way to give this trend a little nod could be to combine your cabinet doors and curtains, if you’re not too taken with the full curtain takeover. What about removing some panels from the doors and fitting some fabric in place, instead? 

This would actually be a really fun project and a very quick and easy decorating win if you decide you want to change the look and feel of the various rooms you have at home.

Or what about using your favourite fabrics as curtains around tables to create little nooks and hideaways that can help you disguise any clutter that, as we all know, can build up very easily indeed? This way, you can keep surfaces free from mess and have something beautiful and unique, all at the same time.


If you need any help or advice relating to fabric choice, pattern ideas or colours, get in touch with the team here at McAlister Textiles today.

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