Dry January - we've got you covered

2020..... What a year !

So, the Christmas celebrations of 2020 have been like no other! The partying and social gatherings of previous years seem like a distant memory, as we still soldier on in our new normal. As humans we are naturally social creatures so we enjoy and crave a shared experience. In some ways, giving up the booze in dry January gives us an opportunity for this.

Why not give Dry January a go this Year

"Dry January" has grown in popularity in recent times and even after a year of social distancing, 2021 is no different. What’s more, we can all take part and practise the camaraderie of this shared experience from the comfort of our living room.

We are therefore encouraging you all to embrace Dry January and with the saving you make from abstaining, you can afford that extra bit of opulence in your home. Our beautiful sofa throws and cushions are designed to keep you luxuriously cosy and add a decorative touch to your interior.


 Bloom Floral Boudoir with Lewis Sofa Throws and Cushions

As you snuggle down during these short winter days, take comfort in the fact that we are all still in this together until we are ready to come back fitter, healthier and positively ready for a brighter year ahead!

Camille Throw     Rhumba Taupe Beige Cushions     Floris Throws and Cushions

As we continue to refrain from nights out, socialising and over indulgence, take time to enjoy Dry January in these unprecedented times within the comfort of your own home. Thirty one days to a better rested and healthier you, with a little help from McAlister Textiles.

 Bloom Sofa Throw with Rhumba Lilac Purple Cushions

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