Designing Interiors on a Budget

In a dream world we would have an endless amount of time and a limitless budget to decorate our homes. Unfortunately the reality for the majority of us is somewhat different, especially during the current cost of living crisis.

Do not despair if you don’t have the time or money to invest in your home décor. There are a few simple things you can do to transform the look of your home with minimum effort or cost.

Repurpose and Upcycle your furniture

Navajo, Colorado and Patchwork Velvet Cushions from McAlister Textiles

Furniture is incredibly expensive, so to avoid spending big on new items, try revamping a tired looking sofa or armchair by re-upholstering or by strategically placing throws or collection of colourful cushions to disguise what’s underneath. Re-upholstering in new fabric is considerably cheaper than purchasing a new sofa plus it's more environmentally friendly.

If you are in need of new furniture why not spend a weekend browsing car boot sales, second hand stores or antique markets to find unique or retro items. Upcycling vintage pieces can give a new lease of life to a preloved item. Use contemporary fabrics, colours or replace handles or knobs on sideboards to give a modern twist. Don’t worry about being unable to find matching furniture - you can paint different styles of chairs in one unifying colour to bring them together in harmony.

Add colour and texture with soft furnishings

An eye-catching pair of curtains can instantly change the look of a room, as well as acting as a focal point to distract the eye from, let’s say, it’s less favourable qualities. To really create an impact, opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains in a bold design. 

Navajo Curtains in Navy Blue


Whereas curtains can be costly, cushions and throws provide an easy way to create a new look by introducing an accent colour or trending designs. If you're looking to refresh a bedroom, McAlister Textiles bed sets include a stylish bed runner with matching cushions for a quick and affordable update.

McAlister Textiles Palm Leaf Velvet Bed Set


During the colder months and with increasing energy prices, draught excluders are a cost effective and stylish way to keep your home cosy and warm whilst also providing a decorative touch of colour.

McAlister Textiles Draught Excluder in Burnt Orange Matt Velvet

Be creative with DIY

Save money where you can with DIY projects - it’s a great way to get a beautiful home with a personal touch. There are many easy to follow home update DIY tutorials online detailing projects you can do yourself to decorate your home without spending a fortune - from furniture upcycling to making your own soft furnishings.

A fresh lick of paint will do wonders for a room – make sure you get a selection of tester posts for sampling to avoid costly mistakes with colour choices. If there are any areas on your walls that paint alone won’t disguise, then use posters and artwork to hide unsightly marks. Try choosing a selection of your favourite artworks, photographs and even magazine cuttings with a unifying colour theme to create a gallery wall - simple inexpensive frames are widely available individually and as sets to create your own unique display.


You don’t necessarily have to part with large sums of money in order to decorate your home – all you need is some imagination, flexibility and a little inner creativity. Decorating your home with a small budget can actually be far more exciting and enjoyable, as well as giving you the chance to really personalise your space.


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