Autumn Styling

McAlister Products clockwise from right: Burnt Orange Textured Chenille Made to Measure curtains, Tapestry Elephant 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Maidenhair Fern Draught Excluder, Herringbone Boutique Charcoal Grey with Burnt Orange Velvet Trim Decorative, Floris Linen look Printed Jacobean Floral Boudoir Cushion 50cm x 30cm, Colorado Geometric Burnt Orange 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Diamond Quilted Wine Red  Matt Velvet 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Navy Plain Chenille 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Heritage Tartan Burnt Orange Roman Blind.

 Surround Yourself With Autumnal Hues

When we think of Autumn styling and getting our homes ready for the colder months ahead, we automatically imagine a colour palette that captures the shift of the season. As the lush greens on our trees change to rusty reds, burnt oranges, bark browns and ochre yellows. It feels like the right time to introduce these warm, inviting hues into our homes. 

We have already discussed Dulux’s colour of the year 2020 - Tranquil Dawn, a calming green, blue, grey inspired by the dawn horizon. Looking to nature to balance the tech dominant world we live in. Another colour that has been gaining strength throughout this year and is predicted to be one of the biggest influential interior trends of 2020 is Terracotta.  


Terracotta - Top Interior Trend 2020 

So it seems Terracotta is having a similar resurgence in popularity for similar reasons as green. Its about looking to nature to find our colour and design inspiration. Going back to raw, earthy authentic materials sourced from the ground to give us a natural primitive colour palette.  The warming tones of burnt orange fired clay don't get much earthier.

Terracotta has been part of interior décor and architecture for centuries and can be easily used as base colour like other neutrals because it combines well with most colours. Introducing these autumnal tones into your home is the easiest way to bring a warm glow into your home this season 

Start Small! 

If you’re looking to update your décor Cushions are always the best place to start. Embrace new trends, be creative with your colour and design combinations and this will allow you to build the rest of your interior scheme with more confidence. 


McAlister Textiles Cushions Top Row: Heritage Tartan Burnt Orange Cushion, Burnt Orange Matt Velvet Cushion, Little Leaf Spice Orange Woven Cushion. Middle Row: Rust Red Matt Velvet Cushion, NEW Floris Linen Look Printed Floral Cushion, Wine Red Matt Velvet Cushion. Bottom Row: Colorado Geometric Burnt Orange Woven Cushion, Caramel Matt Velvet Cushion & Wine Red Quilted Diamond Matt Velvet Cushion.

 Get Ready To Hibernate With Cosy Textures

Autumn styling is all about hibernating and creating an inviting, cosy home in which to do so. Layering tactile textures is key. Wool, velvet and textured chenille are perfect fabrics to warm and add character to a space. Think about using these plush heavy weight fabrics to dress your windows, not only will they add a sense of luxury but will help insulate your home. Curtains in particular will block the cold air flow Into a room and drawing your curtains of an evening is the easiest way to create a comfy, relaxing space to unwind. 

When we think of cosy autumnal fabrics - Tartan automatically comes to mind. This classic fabric, steeped in history is equally at home in traditional or contemporary interiors. Tartan accents go hand in hand with roaring log fires to conjure up visions of a rustic country or alpine lodge style decor that will shelter us from the the chilly autumn / winter season.

 McAlister Textiles, Heritage & Herringbone brushed wool look fabric available across all interior products


Practical Autumn Style

Invest in interior accessories that not only enhance your interior style but serve a practical purpose. Draught Excluders are the cheapest and most effective way to save energy and money making them a very handy accessory for this time of year. Using them on your door or window frame can drastically reduce cold draughts and keep in the warmth.

Palm Leaf Printed Velvet Draught Excluder


Combine Textures and Patterns

Create interest and warmth in your home by mixing patterns and textures. Mix Tartan, with plush velvet and linen look prints.

McAlister Products From Left: NEW Floris Jacobean Floral 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Heritage Tartan Mulberry Purple 43cm x 43cm Cushion & Wine Red Matt Velvet 43cm x 43cm Cushion



New Autumn Collection - Floris 

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