How to Hang Your Tape Top Header Curtains

Hanging your brand new pair of McAlister tape top curtains is incredibly simple; you only need to open them up and lay them out flat so that you can see a strip of curtain tape attached across the top of your curtain.

Normally, this heading tape will have three rows of string threaded through it (you can have more but the industry – and our – standard is 3). In order to gather your curtains, these strings need to be pulled so that they create a gather.

  1. Firstly, tie a knot in one end by gathering the three strings together. This ensures that when you pull them to create the gather, the string is not pulled all the way through the curtains.
  2. Once you have securely tied a knot at one end, you can then pull the strings from the untied end and the curtain will be begin to ruche and create a gather.
  3. When you are happy with the gather of your curtains, you need to tie them off. It is often best to use a slip knot in case you need to adjust them later.
  4. Once you have secured the strings, you will need to insert your curtain hooks. There are normally three rows of pockets to choose from which allows you to adjust the height of your curtains. If you want them as long as possible, choose the row at the top of the tape. If you prefer them shorter then use either the middle or bottom row. As a rule, the hooks should be placed once every four pockets.
Remember that when inserting a curtain hook, the point of the hook should be pointing upwards so that when you have fully inserted it and it is twisted around, it looks like the photo above.


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